Shimano Disc Brake BL-MT200 (1700mm) R


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his is a set that consists of a brake lever, a brake caliper and a hydraulic hose.

  • BL-MT200 3-finger brake lever
  • SM-BH59 hose
  • BR-MT200 2-piston brake caliper, filled and bleed.

The brake system offers an excellent brake force modulation and the proven One-Way-Bleeding system which allows easy maintenance.

The Shimano BL-MT200 brake features a slim 3-finger brake lever with a rigid steel lever and a master cylinder made of painted aluminium. Its diverse design fits multiple bike types. The proven One-Way-Bleeding system allows easy maintenance while the reach of 75 mm is also suitable for smaller hand.

The Shimano BR-MT200 disc brake caliper provides reliable brake performance and reduces noises produced by the brake pads. At the same time its 2-piston construction guarantees consistent deceleration and control.

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