• 8:30 pm Movie night

    Get inspired by some awesome mountain bike movies outdoor, under the skies, with some friends.

    8:30 pm Bonfire
    Let’s celebrate our first night with a campfire and brag about our bicycle adventures


  • 8:00 pm Bonfire

    Let’s celebrate our first night with a campfire and brag about our bicycle adventures

Friday is the day to arrive and slowly get into relaxing biking mode


  • 8:00 am Advanced MTB ride

    If you are a regular rider and have some good level of fitness join this 80km ride organized by the KGB

    8:00 am Intermediate MTB ride

    Group ride for riders who have some experience. The ride will be around 35km and guided by the KGB

    8:30 am Beginners MTB ride

    This 20km group ride will go at an easy pace and guided by Red Dirt team

    10:00 am  Hiking

    If you’d like to use your feet rather than wheels try the hike that is organized by Mountain Club of Uganda

    11:00 am  Climbing wall

    The mountain Club of Uganda (MCU) offers whole day training on skills on how to do rock climbing

    11:30 am  Kayaking & SUP-ing

    Kayak The Nile (KTN) will organize kayak and SUP rental for those who would like to have fun on the water.

    2:00 pm Mechanical workshop for beginners

    Learning the basics of how to take care of your mountain bike (bike fitting and fixing a punctured tyre and chain)

    2:00 pm Mountain bike clinic advanced

    A guided group training for intermediate & advanced riders

    2:00 pm Bicycle obstacle race

    A challenging obstacle course for young and old. Are you the one who can finish fastest?

    4:30 pm  Running clinic

    Coach to coach is organizing a running clinic for those who want to improve their technique and skills

    4:30 pm Mechanical workshop for advanced

    Learning the basics of how to take care of your mountain bike (how to finetune your brakes and gears, replacing cables)

    4:30 pm Mountain bike clinic basic

    A guided group training for beginner cyclists

    8:00 pm Nightride

    Adventurous nightride of 15km-20km arranged by the guides of Red Dirt. We’ll take it easy and go slow. Bring your torches and headlights. We might catch some wildlife

    All day – High and low rope course

    Lakeside adventure park offers adventurous tree-top climbing experience for beginners and experts


  • 9:00 am Kids ride short

    Lovely easy ride for kids and their parents. This 5km ride is quite flat and will be done under carefull guideance of the Red Dirt team that teaches on a weekly base at Ambrosoli School

    9:00 am Kids ride long

    The Red Dirt team organizes a guided 10km ride for kids and their parents. Participants must have some experience in riding a bike and know how to use gears and brakes

Enjoy one of the many cycling activities that are taking place today. From various rides that differ in distance, technical difficulty and pace to interesting clinics and training to improve your bicycle handling skills. But there is more: explore plenty of other outdoor activities like running, climbing and hiking.

  • Lakeside Adventure Park

  • 8:00 am – Mountain Bike Race

    The highlight of the festival. Challenge your friends and yourself on this 25km long race track. It contains climbs, single track elements and nice wide roads where you can make some good speed. Definitely do-able for the not so experienced, but at the same time challenging enough for the pro’s. There will be prizes for the top three of male and female category.

    Download the GPS tracks for the race here

  • Weaver's Nest

  • 11:00 am – Kids race

    Small but exciting race without too many challenges on the way. Perfect race for kids to participate in and show their newly learned skills to their parents. The total track length is about 5km. Parents are allowed to join the small ones for guidance. Girls and boys will battle against each other. There are prizes for the top 3.

    Download the GPS tracks here.

Sunday, race day! Show all that you’ve got in this exciting race for young & old, beginner or expert. Challenge yourself and see how fast or far you can go.