Discover the Best Gravel Cycling routes in Africa

Discover the Best Gravel Cycling routes in Africa

If you say Uganda, you can say gravel. The two are almost like a match-made in heaven. You might not get the connection between the two, and that is fine. Let us explain why Uganda has the best gravel cycling routes of Africa.

Out here in the Uganda the Pearl of Africa, when we talk about “gravel,” we are not just talking about rocky, stony, pebbly roads. No, it’s every winding path, every trail and every unpaved stretch that stretches itself between the smooth asphalt and the tricky singletrack.



Uganda is thé ultimate destination for gravel riding because….

  • of the many unpaved roads: Uganda has many roads that are still unpaved, which makes it the best riding haven!
  • of the diverse gravel roads: The country’s extensive network of gravel roads go through diverse landscapes, from rolling hills in the countryside to remote areas. Gravel enthusiasts will enjoy a variety of terrains, ranging from hard-packed (red) dirt to gravel paths, providing a challenging and dynamic riding experience!
  • Red Dirt’s quality gravel bikes: Red Dirt provides top-notch gravel bikes, allowing you to explore the country on a two wheels.
  • it’s a hidden gravel gem: While events like the Migration Gravel Race in Kenya or the Karoo Gravel Grinder in South Africa have gained recognition, Uganda remains a relatively undiscovered gem in the world of gravel riding. Given Uganda’s recent entry into the gravel riding scene, it stands out as the ideal destination for leisurely exploration on your gravel bike!
  • of the awesome tailored gravel routes by Red Dirt: Red Dirt has developed the perfect gravel routes for your exploration. Varying from standard gravel tours – to luxury gravel tours!

See you on the Ugandan gravel roads?!

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