Rwanda Cycling Championship Fever

Rwanda Cycling Championship Fever

In 2025, Rwanda will be the epicenter of cycling as the nation hosts the cycling championship. With the picturesque landscapes and challenging terrains, Rwanda offers a perfect setting for an event of this scale. The championship will bring together elite cyclists from around the globe, showcasing the country’s commitment to fostering a cycling culture and becoming a prominent destination for cycling enthusiasts.


Having submitted its bid in September 2019 to host the World Championships in 2025, Rwanda successfully secures victory in the bidding process, winning from Morocco in the competition. Scheduled to take place from September 21st to 28th, 2025, the UCI Road World Championships in Kigali, Rwanda marks a historic milestone as it is the first time the event is hosted in Africa. Imagine that it brings around 5000 cyclists and over 20,000 delegates to the country! This is big, a the championship isn’t just a one-time thing for the region, it will significantly boost cycling all over East Africa. This means: more races, more tours, mean more people loving cycling…..


So what are you waiting for? Become a spearhead an join our cycling tour in Rwanda. This tour is a combo of fun, adventure and challenge all in one. Cruising through lively cities, conquering hills and soaking up Rwanda’s awesome vibes. And: by joining our tours, you are not just having a blast, you are helping East Africa become a top spot for cyclists.

Why Pick Rwanda for Your Ride?

Rwanda is not just about cycling; it’s also about amazing landscapes. From busy Kigali streets to peaceful Lake Kivu shores, every ride shows you a different side of this amazing country. The championship proves Rwanda is serious about being a top cycling place.

In 2025, Rwanda is throwing the ultimate cycling bash and Red Dirt Uganda is going out there already this year! Join our Rwanda tour for an unforgettable time in East Africa. Feel the thrill of cycling on the red dirt soil, witness the birth of cycling history in East Africa and be part of the growing cycling culture in this stunning part of the world. Rwanda is calling, and the adventure wheels are rolling – ready to ride with us?

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