an introduction to red dirt uganda

Red Dirt Uganda has been organizing adventurous cycling holidays and events in East Africa since 2016. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a speedfreak, an easy peddler or a one-cappuccino-a-kilometer type, an uphiller, downhiller or more focused on horizontal work. We have the perfect Africa Cycling Adventure for you, your family, club, group of friends or business.

Red Dirt Uganda was set up by Thies Timmermans, a passionate biker with a great love for Uganda. He is surrounded by a group of guides, technicians and other bikers who have explored Uganda’s national parks, lakes, mountain ranges and forests. This team will make your cycling experience in Uganda unforgettable.


our mission

Uganda is a potential heaven for cyclists. With its extraordinary wildlife and nature, wide variety of climates and landscapes, countless unexplored trails and super friendly inhabitants it’s the perfect travel destination for adventurous riders. But all of this might be the best kept secret in the cycling world. Red Dirt was established with the aim to change this and promote Uganda as a premium cycling holiday destination. We want to take you around, surprise you and let you have the ride of your life. Slalom the amazing trails in the mountains, share laughs with the wonderful local rolex guy, stand eye to eye with a zebra, smell the Ugandan red dirt, see the thousand shades of green in the jungle and dance on the rhythm of the safari ants.


But we want to do it the right way. With positive vibes and solid organization skills we provide a comfortable and stress-free cycling holiday. Cycling on itself is already reducing your impact on the environmental, but that’s not enough for us. We believe in zero waste and sustainability being an integral part of our activities. Our tours should improve the lives of all of those that we encounter, from the guides we work with to the community we pass through and the lady who sells G-nuts at the corner of the street.

Leave no traces

The adage ‘Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but skid marks, kill nothing but time’ really applies to Red Dirt. But it doesn’t stop there. We feel it’s our responsibility to take a pro-active role and be an example of how we can organize our activities with limited impact to the environment. Some examples: we expel single use plastic, find valuable destinations for our waste and support local nature programmes.


We understand a new destination like Uganda can feel a bit uneasy. Our well documented preparation guide, personal booking contact, daily trip briefings, experienced and English speaking guides and drivers will make sure you’ll feel at ease and can 100% focus on enjoying your adventure. Even in Corona times we will navigate with you trough the bureaucratic maze of regulations and requirements.

Safety is our key priority

Being the first cycling tour operator in Uganda means that we have trained all our staff ourselves. Safety is a number one priority and all our guides have had their first aid training. Our massive med kit in our support vehicles is well stocked. And we have emergency evacuation plans during all our rides which include medical emergency evacuation through our partnership with the flying doctors.

We love cycling

We are cyclists who love what we do and wanna have a good time. Just like you! Do you remember the last time you were truly enjoying a bike ride, cycling with a smile from ear to ear, shouting at the top of your lungs, secretly grinning from the inside or having goosebumps on a flowy downhill? Those are the moments we want to achieve and share with you.

Improving lives

Through our tours we try to create impact to all of those who are part of the journey. We create exciting, meaningful and rewarding careers for our staff and shared wealth for owners, employees and partners alike. We target at improving the lives of our customers, suppliers and the wider community. This means you, our local guides and the lady who sells G-nuts at the corner of the street.

Shout it from the rooftops

Uganda is a potential heaven for cyclists. But not many know this. We want to change this and promote Uganda as a premium cycling holiday destination. By continuously exploring new trails, discovering new highlights and designing new tours we will take the world by surprise and exhibit what awesome things Uganda has to offer.

Life changing experience

Red Dirt Uganda is the #1 cycling tour operator in Uganda and Rwanda. Since 2016 we are showing adventure-lovers the red trails of Africa on our surprising and culture immersing trips. Join the ride of your life and experience the spectacular nature, encounter unique wildlife and share laughs with the wonderful local community.

Awesomeness in excellence

We want to hear you say the word ‘awesome’ at least a few times a day during our tours. Not only because all the great stuff you will see, but also because of our outstanding service. We will go that extra mile to make sure you will have the dream cycling holiday of your life through attention to detail, reliability, being available and responsive to your needs and always being open towards change and improvement.

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why uganda?

Come to this unique country, feel the vibrancy of the people, experience the colors and smells of the tropics and cycle through the country’s many natural wonders.


Being a relatively small country it is easy to combine your cycling holiday with these natural wonders: visit the tallest mountain range in Africa (Rwenzori Mountains), the seventh highest mountain in Africa (Mount Elgon), the source of the world’s longest river (the Nile) or Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake.


Come to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for an encounter with the world’s remaining mountain gorillas, or visit any of the other national parks and game reserves for great wildlife and bird watching.


Uganda remains one of the safest destinations in Africa. Other than watching out for the odd hippo or warthog, there’s no more to worry about here than in most other countries.

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our team



Founder & CEO

Bike-geek par excellence. Talks about nothing else than cycling. Some say he was born with a bicycle between his legs, which could be true since he's Dutch




Young and motivated. Takes on everything you give him. Is humbly the fastest guide of the team, but prefers amicable tours over competitions.

Cycling tours in Africa Red Dirt Uganda Manager Robin



She may be the only lady in this pack of testosterone, but she is training harder than ever before. Soon her male teammates will be eating dust as she speeds



Compound manager

Keeps our compound safe and our bikes always shining clean. Simon is very peaceful, but when it comes down to it he takes out his bow and arrow.




Robert has over 15 years of driving experience. Has secretly passed the 40, but still jumps on roof racks as flexible as a leopard to secure your bike.

Uganda cycling tours in Africa guide James



James is our guide for the Kampala-day trips and knows the capital surroundings like the back of his hand. Could even ride the trails with his eyes closed.

Zaga cycling guide bicycle tours Africa Uganda



Never leaves home without his trusty two-wheeled companion. Can climb hills that would make a mountain goat envious.

Uganda cycling tours in Africa mechanic Achilles



Can fix every bike on this planet even with only a paperclip. Used to participate in cycling competitions in Uganda and internationally.




Yusufu has been in the Ugandan cycling scene for decades and finished the top 3 in national championships in his days. Makes transfers by car comfortable with his cycling stories.

Africa cycling tours Uganda driver Brian



Knows the streets better than Google Maps. We're pretty sure he's got a secret dance floor hidden somewhere in the trunk of the car as his dance moves are the best.

Africa cycling tours Red Dirt Uganda guide Michael



When he's not busy cycling, you can find him adoring local pancakes named ‘Kabalagala’. In fact, his love is so strong that ``Pancake`` has become his official nickname.

Uganda mountainbike tours Africa drive Deo



We are sure he's got a GPS system installed in his brain. Always willing to go an extra mile for his passengers, even if it means rolling up his sleeves to get his hands dirty.

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