bicycle guide training

Is your passion cycling? Are you currently working in the adventure tourism industry in Uganda? Would you like to become a better bicycle guide? If your answer to one of these questions is yes, then the advanced bicycle guide course might be the perfect thing for you. For this edition a maximum of 10 spots are available only for bicycle guides who already have some experience. You can find more information on this page and you can apply clicking the red button.

At present, there are no enrollments available. If there are any new training opportunities, we will make sure to update this page accordingly.


this is what you will learn

The bicycle guide course will cover advanced aspects that are part of a life as a bicycle guide. From the basics of understanding customer service to in-depth teaching on how to use a GPS device, fix bicycle issues and perform first aid.


Most of the course will consists out of practical training. This means being outdoor doing stuff. Test, fail and learn. Making mistakes is not a problem; it’s a must to become a better guide. The course will be completed with a theoretical and practical test. After the course you will be able to:


  • Use a GPS device to guide an unknown route
  • Know what customer service is and how to use it
  • To receive and deal with clients in a friendly and proper way
  • Fix the most common mechanical problems on a bike
  • Guide a group on a cycling tour by yourself
  • Know the basics of applying first aid
Perform first aid0%
Use a GPS device to guide0%
Basics of hospitality service0%
How to deal with clients in a polite way0%
Guiding a cycling tour by yourself0%
Most common required bicycle mechanic skills0%
Cycling Uganda

Background info: cycling tourism is booming!

Adventure tourism is hot! It’s one of the fastest growing types of tourism at the moment and cycling tours are an important part of this. And not only international, but also among Ugandans. Read more about how Corona had a massive impact on cycling in Uganda in this article. Did you know that Uganda is a rough diamond when it comes to cycling; mountain biking in particular? With its mix of landscapes, that can be both hilly and flat, Uganda has something to offer for every cyclist. The overall safety, the welcoming, English speaking population and the short distances between villages add to the potential for cycling. It is not surprising that the number of cycling tourists, bike events, tour operators that offer cycling tours and hotels and guesthouses that focus on this type of activities have never been higher than now…..and are still increasing.


The cycling tourism industry offers great potential for new jobs. But this potential is largely untapped as the tourism products and services are not fully developed. One of the key things that is missing are well-trained and knowledgeable service oriented bicycle guides. This is why Red Dirt Uganda and Bikesports Academy, in close collaboration with the Dutch government, developed a bicycle guide training programme. The training programme is part of a larger project, called Adventure Tourism Uganda that was set up with several Uganda-Dutch companies with the aim to promote adventure tourism and develop new products.


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